This Week's Shabbat Times

Tazria/Rosh Chodesh
April 12 - 13 Nisan 8
Begins: 19.57 Ends: 21.11
Fri Mincha/Ma'ariv 19.45
Candlelighting 19.57
Sedra  Metzora/Hagadol
Shabbat morning 10.00

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Edinburgh Burial Society

Edinburgh Jewish Friendly Burial Society

The near century old Independent Burial Society (Chevra kadisha) carries out its sacred duty and task at its own cemetery at Piershill in Edinburgh.  The voluntary officials organise and carry out all the necessary work on behalf of members and non-members in strict accordance with Jewish law, ethics and tradition.  In addition, the maintenance, upkeep and funding of the Society's duties are attended to in a dignified manner.  The Society is well experienced in dealing with funerals for non-Edinburgh residents, as well as those from overseas.

The Society operates a "Chesed Shel Emes" fund to help those of limited means requiring their assistance with burials and tombstones and all aspects of the Society's services are readily available on request.

The details for the cemetery are:

Edinburgh Eastern Cemetery Co.Ltd
204a, Piersfield Terrace, Edinburgh, Midlothian EH8 7BN 
Tel: 0131 620 7025

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