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Tazria/Rosh Chodesh
April 12 - 13 Nisan 8
Begins: 19.57 Ends: 21.11
Fri Mincha/Ma'ariv 19.45
Candlelighting 19.57
Sedra  Metzora/Hagadol
Shabbat morning 10.00

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Edinburgh Maccabi Cricket Club

This club was established in 1946 and has flourished ever since.

Members were all Jewish for over 20 years, but in 1970 it was decided to make the club open to any person who had the required standard of play - irrespective of religion.

In 1972 the club reached the Public Parks final for the first time. Although we were comprehensively defeated, it was a terrific achievement to have reached that stage. It took a further 12 years (1984) to arrive at the final once more, where unfortunately we lost, but by a slender margin on that occasion.

The last few years have been steady, but so far the club has found winning the 'Public Parks Trophy' and 'Six-a-side Trophy' very elusive. Nevertheless as recently as 1992, two players in consecutive matches made centuries for the team. The Public Parks Association has 20 clubs in its membership, and recently, the chairman of the Association was the Maccabi captain; and the Treasurer the Maccabi secretary.

These two executive positions held by Maccabi players is a tribute to the high esteem in which other clubs holds us. Indeed the Annual General Meeting of the Association is held in the Synagogue Chambers every year.

The club secretary has enjoyed his 30+ years in this position, hopes the level we have maintained is kept and fervently hopes that Jewish players of all ages do not hesitate to play for the club, where they will be made most welcome.

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