This Week's Shabbat Times

Tazria/Rosh Chodesh
April 12 - 13 Nisan 8
Begins: 19.57 Ends: 21.11
Fri Mincha/Ma'ariv 19.45
Candlelighting 19.57
Sedra  Metzora/Hagadol
Shabbat morning 10.00

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Rambling Group

Rambling Group PictureThe Trekking / Rambling Group meets on Sundays, to walk in the countryside around Edinburgh and in the Borders. Impromptu walks are also arranged by popular request, usually at the Kiddush following the Shabbat service in the Synagogue, when the weather forecast is particularly promising.

The walks are of about four hours duration and may be longer in summer. No particular experience or skill is required, however proper equipment such as walking boots and waterproof clothing is highly advisable.

The type of walk is varied - some walks are little more than pleasant strolls through the countryside, to enable a wide range of people to participate, whilst others are more physically demanding, incorporating parts of the many ranges of hills in the area. However no one is left to struggle, all participants being considerate of each other's needs. The main purpose is to have an enjoyable day out appreciating the countryside, feeling a sense of achievement and relaxing in convivial company.

Anyone wishing to participate, or to offer suggestions of walks to consider, should contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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