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February 8 - 9 Adar 4
Begins: 16.46 Ends: 17.58
Fri Mincha/Ma'ariv 16.45
Candlelighting 16.46
Sedra Terumah
Shabbat morning 10.00

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Shul Events Committee

The Shul Events Committee caters for official Synagogue and Council functions and provides Seudahs for Purim, Yom Hatzmaut and Shavuot. During the summer months a regular Seudah is held between Minchah and Maariv on Shabbat.

For the Cheder it organises the children's parties for Chanukah and Purim and the summer picnic, and holds Shabbat lunches for the children and their parents when Youth workers come over Shabbat.

Communal Friday Night Dinners are held several times during the year, and during the Edinburgh Festival the committee provide Friday Night Dinner for tourists, when required.

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