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This Week's Shabbat Times

March 27- 28 Nisan 3
Begins: 18.25 Ends: 19.37
Fri Mincha/Ma'ariv None
Candlelighting 18.25
Sedra Vayikra
Shabbat morning None

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Small Children & Services

Visiting the Synagogue with Small Children

The purpose of writing this is to provide a few practical suggestions for attending a service with a small person in the Edinburgh Synagogue. 

Noise / Behaviour

The Edinburgh Hebrew Congregation has a high proportion of grandparents who are very tolerant.  However, the times to step outside if your children are noisy are during the memorial prayer, during the sermon and during kaddish.

Nappies (aka diapers)

In the Ladies' Toilets there is a large flat surface next to the sink that is ideal for changing nappies on. There are usually some nappies, wipes and a mat stashed in the drawers if you get caught short. The down side is that Daddies can't go in there.

Food and Drink

The Shul is strictly kosher so you cannot bring any prepared food in with you even if your kitchen is kosher. However fruit is fine. If you need food for your child ask one of the ladies helping in the kitchen, they are very helpful and can usually find cheese, crackers and biscuits. There is a box of spout (sippy) cups in the kitchen for drinks and there's usually milk and grape juice if you need it.


At the very end of the main corridor on the right is a cupboard full of toys and games.

Breast Feeding / Naps

The best places for a discreet breast feed would be the dressing room adjoining the Ladies' Toilets, which has a stool in it.  During the service the Community Hall is deserted and has very comfortable soft seating. This is ideal for toddler naps and you could also breast feed discreetly there during the services.

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