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This Week's Shabbat Times

August 14 - 15

Av 25

Begins: 20.37

Ends: 21.51
Fri Mincha/Ma'arv None
Earliest Candlelighting 19.18
Sedra Re'eh
Shabbat morning None for visitors

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The Edinburgh Star

Cover of 50th edition of The Edinburgh Star
Cover of 50th edition of the Star

The Edinburgh Star is the publication of the Edinburgh Jewish Community, first published in March 1989, with new editions each Pesach and Rosh Hashanah.

It is run by the Editor and an Editorial Board of community members. It is funded entirely by donations and advertising and is distributed to Shul members and also to a much wider public, including subscribers as far afield as Israel, Australia and Canada.

The Star aims to strike a balance between community news and matters of more general interest. It has in the past included feature articles on Eastern Europe, Israel, war crimes, as well as book and theatre reviews, and of course, reflections on the Jewish Festivals. It also includes a diary of events and reports from almost all the communal organisations.

The Star is a valuable source of information on the Jewish Community in Edinburgh. It is independent of EHC and while the Star could not survive without the support of EHC and its members, it also attempts to relect the full range of organisations and activities of Jewish interest in Edinburgh,

If you would like to receive a copy of the Star then a small donation will be required. E-mail the Star Treasurer Ms Donne with your address details.

Previous copies of the Star are available online through the website, along with other additional material.

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 Community Welfare Update

Tuesday, 21 July 2020


Dear EHC member
Scotland deserves a ‘pat on the back’ with no continuing losses through Coronavirus.  We have followed the rules and guidance that have been in place and we urge you to continue to do so to ensure our own good health and of those near to us.


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