Shabbat Hospitality

We look forward to having you spend Shabbat in our Community.

The Community endeavours to provide hospitality for Shabbat meals for our many visitors.

At the moment, because of covid we cannot unfortunately offer the full range of hospitality described below.

However: the Rabbi can now offer hospitality for limited numbers. Please contact him here.

  • On Friday Night this consists of either Home Hospitality with the Rabbi.


  • in case of large numbers, a Catered Meal at the Synagogue.
  • Shabbat Lunch is run by members of the Community every week at the Synagogue.
  • There is also a communal Seudah Shelishit at the Rabbi’s.

If you wish to book meals for Shabbat please contact the Rabbi as soon as possible.

If you have not heard back within 48 hours you may also contact the Secretary.

If the meal is hosted by the Rabbi in his home we appreciate a donation to EHC.

If it is a catered meal there will be a fixed charge of which the Rabbi will inform you when he replies.

Payment and donations should be made through the Paypal facility below.

We can also provide Frozen Ready Meals for during the week:

  • Meatballs, rice vegetables £12;
  • Shepherds pie, vegetables £12;
  • Sweet & sour chicken, rice £12
  • Grilled salmon, potato, vegetables £12;
  • Vegetarian lasagne £10.

These should be ordered in advanced to ensure we have the quantity required.

Please contact the Rabbi to order.

Please use the PayPal link to the left to make your payment or to give a donation. You don’t need an account to use it – just a credit / debit card.