Community Welfare

Thursday, 1 July 2021

Dear EHC member,

Sadly, the number of cases of the Delta variant has increased in London and across the country in recent weeks and some schools have sent entire year groups home to isolate. So, we’re clearly not completely out of the woods yet.

I’d like to remind you on behalf of the welfare group that if you have tested positive or you have been exposed (within one metre for more than a minute or within two metres for more than 15 minutes) to someone who tested positive you are required per government guidelines to isolate for a period of ten days, irrespective of a PCR test or your vaccination status.  The same goes if you develop symptoms (high temperature, continuous cough, loss or change of taste or smell), once again irrespective of vaccination status.

As I said last week, this time like all will pass, and we shall look back on it knowing that we have all done our very best to not only protect ourselves and our families, but those around us.

There are a few interesting and differing events which I bring to your attention.


The ‘Lockdown University’, funded by the Nathan Kirsh Foundation holds a webinar most days on ZOOM that you are invited to join.  Full details can be got by emailing

This week they have:

Thursday 1st July – 5.30pm.   Lynn Julius: The Extinction of Jewish Life in the Arab World

Thursday 1st July – 7.30pm.        Robert Fox: View from the Shadows

 Sunday 4th July – 5.30pm.    Patrick Bade: Gustave Courbet have a wealth of past talks on their website and they are well worth accessing.

Black Jewish Lives is an important 7-part free zoom series from Jewish Renaissance magazine and the Lyons Learning Project. The first session took place on the 13th June, but sessions can now be accessed at


In the past year, Jews have grappled with ideas around race, diversity and inclusion like never before. The Bush Report on racial inclusivity in the Jewish community, published by the Board of Deputies in April 2021, highlighted the false assumption that all Jews are essentially white and European and sought to investigate discrimination against Jews of colour within the Jewish community.

To book a free ticket for any of the future sessions:

The Zionist Federation is presenting this next Monday the 5th July at 7.00pm

Tune into Oyvay Video  a most enjoyable music and video show each Wednesday at 11.00am-12.30pm broadcast by Glasgow’s Clive Aronson.

Details are as follows:   Password:  esther86

UK Jewish Film continues with its exciting programme is now available on demand including the new award winning television drama “The Chef”:

I would also remind our members of the Ben Uri Gallery showcasing Jewish Art.  They are indeed the first full scale Virtual Museum and Research Centre and are to be seen online 24/7 and free.   Please see:

The Jewish Music Institute present an online programme of concerts, lectures and documentaries celebrating Jewish creativity and talent.  For all, visit

And you are invited to join an online group for Jewish people in Scotland interested in textiles, crafts, and Judaica.  This is primarily a social group for sharing ideas, techniques, and skills and potentially a forum for developing fundraising ideas for local Jewish and Scottish Charities. The next meeting will take place at 7.30pm on the 3rd Wednesday of the month.   For more information, please contact Elaine Levy

And for all events out-with the Jewish Community in Scotland including ZOOM events, please see

Scottish Government Notices:

For further details on the Virus, please see: 

Age Scotland:

Age Scotland, formerly Age Concern have a wonderful selection of services in response to the Covid Pandemic:

Independent Age

If you feel you could do with more conversation in your life, Independent Age will connect you with a volunteer who’s good company and wants to chat.


Call companions is a free service for older people who live alone and feel they would enjoy a friendly phone call every week or two.

Vintage Vibes

is a service tackling isolation and loneliness among over-60s in Edinburgh. They are reaching out across the city, offering companionship, reliable support and the chance to be more socially connected.

Golden Years Cyrenians

An innovative befriending service helping to tackle isolation and loneliness for the over 60’s in Edinburgh.

You can also take a look at the Befriending Networks Directory for further information on befriending services:

 If you would like to speak to one of their advisers, please contact the Age Scotland Helpline on  0800 12 44 222 between 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday. 

For Communal Welfare:

Jewish Care Scotland still have an increased level of support during this crisis and offer a wealth of services.  They are also providing grants for those in need.

For full details, please telephone 0141 620 1800 or email

JAMI, the Mental Health Service for the Jewish community nationwide is offering free mental health support.  This is where you can have text-based counselling, online peer support, learn of self-help tools and access to a confidential online journal.  Please see for more details.  You can telephone and request a call-back.

Raphael” is a Jewish counselling service.  They are a network for anyone looking for emotional support within the Jewish Community and offer one-to one counselling.

For Shopping:

The Welfare Group still advise that home deliveries are still most advisable and we would encourage you to use this service for as much as possible for what you need.   Susie Kelpie has recommended these firms for home deliveries of fresh produce:

Craigies Farm: 319 1048 116530
Charles Stamper:charlesstamper.online0131 551 3636

Morrisons Supermarket provide an excellent next-day doorstep delivery for even one item as a service for elderly and vulnerable customers.  Please ring 0345 611 6111 ext.5 where you can speak with a representative who will take your order.

The next delivery from Mark’s Deli will be next Thursday 15th July in the early afternoon.  Please place your orders by contacting them directly for groceries and ready prepared meals.  Please also note Richie will now deliver to your car when you are collecting from Salisbury Road and you are requested to telephone him upon arrival.

Chaim and Sora Jacobs offer an expanded menu of ready prepared meals from Glasgow for delivery to Edinburgh.  A full listing of their menu is to be found on their website or by calling their number.

I attach a list of numbers and contacts:

Rabbi David Rose                           

Hon. Secretary, Jackie Taylor          

Richie (Caretaker)                                   0131 667 3144

Jewish Care Scotland                              0141 620 1800

Mark’s Deli                                           0141 638 8947  

Sora’s Café                                            0141 638 6116

We remind you; YOU ARE NOT ALONE!   Please do call upon any of us if we can be of any assistance at all; we are truly only too happy to be on hand.

The Welfare Group of Peter Bennett, John Danzig, Susie Kelpie, Carol Levstein, Harriet Lyall, Hilary Rifkind, Rabbi Rose, Jackie Taylor and myself send our best wishes for the week ahead.

Most sincerely,

Edward Green

Welfare Convenor     

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Community Welfare

Community Welfare

Edinburgh Hebrew Congregation has a very active and effective welfare function. The Welfare Group is headed by the Welfare Convenor, Edward Green. It watches over the community to ensure that anyone who may need attention is supported, including the provision of cooked meals and hospital visiting. During the lockdown period, the Group provided regular telephone contact, food deliveries and a regular Welfare Bulletin giving information of events and entertainment that were on offer remotely both from within Edinburgh and worldwide. The community has many members who live alone and the Welfare Group are very keen that they should feel part of the family that is the Edinburgh Hebrew Congregation and that the Group’s mantra that “no one should feel alone” is indeed fulfilled.

The Welfare Group now meets less frequently as during the early days of the pandemic but is still very much active. If you would like more information or know of anyone who may need any form of support please contact us through the Honorary Secretary.

Board of Guardians

Edinburgh also has a historical charity still in existence. The Edinburgh Jewish Board of Guardians was founded in the city in 1891 and is separate from Edinburgh Hebrew Congregation. Its sole purpose is to offer financial support to all Jewish people and organisations in Edinburgh, not restricted to members of the Congregation. Over many years, the Board of Guardians has distributed considerable funds and goods in kind to many deserving individuals and bodies, with an emphasis on strict confidentiality. Anyone who is aware of an individual in need of aid should in the first instance contact the Honorary Secretary of Edinburgh Hebrew Congregation.