EHC Green Team

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Our environmental policy

EHC is committed to minimising the impact of our Synagogue on the environment by seeking to reduce our carbon footprint.

To achieve this aim EHC has formed a ‘Green Team’ to fulfill the maxim of ‘Caring for the Environment’.

Over the past two years the Team’s targets have been to reduce the Shul’s use of energy, to encourage recycling, discourage food wastage, improve the garden space and to keep the community informed about our work. EHC is now a member of and has recently achieved an Eco Synagogue Silver Award for our efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle. 

To date we have differentiated, labelled bins plus recycling information in the kitchen, pooled our dry food resources to minimise duplication and waste, informed and updated members in our weekly newsletter ‘Shavuon’, unstuck open windows to conserve heat, changed light bulbs to LED, purchased environmentally friendly cleaning products, sought professional advice on energy conservation and insulation and are creating a wildlife friendly garden for members to enjoy.

Any member who is interested is welcome to join the EHC Green Team. We meet once a month on Zoom.