Ard Na Said Guest House+44 (0)131 283 6524 / +44 (0) 7476 606202 5 Priestfield Road EH16 5HH friendly & accommodating with Shabbat observance. Discount for group bookings of 3 or more rooms. YesKey
Blossom House+44 (0)131 667 5353 8 Minto St EH9 1RG friendly and accommodating with Shabbat observance. YesKey
Ceilidh-Donia Hotel+44 (0)131 667 2743 14-16 Marchhall Crescent EH16 5HL friendly & accommodating with Shabbat observance. Will give 10% discount (except in August) if you say you are recommended by EHC. YesKey
The Residences (Pollock Halls)+44 (0)131 651 2189 18 Holyrood Park Road EH16 5AY star rooms with shared bathrooms in University halls of residence available from June to September. Very near Shul.YesSwipe card
23 Mayfield+44 (0)131 667 5806 23 Mayfield Gardens EH9 2BX 1 out of 157 on TripAdvisor! Award winning family - run Victorian guesthouse.YesKey
Residence Inn by Marriott+44 (0) 131 229 7150 Quartermile, 36 Simpson Loan EH3 9GG apartment hotel centrally located.Discount on nearby carparkSwipe card
The Salisbury Boutique Hotel+44 (0)131 667 1264 43-45 Salisbury Rd EH16 5AA near Shul. YesSwipe card
Sherwood+44 (0)131 667 1200 42 Minto St EH9 2BR www.sherwood-edinburgh.comVery friendly & accommodating with Shabbat observance. YesKey
Southside Apartments +44 (0)131 556 3840 7 & 11 Newington Rd EH9 1QR - 3 bedroom apartments recently openedNoSwipe card
Southside+44 (0)131 466 6573 8 Newington Rd EH9 1QS 4 poster bedrooms.NoKey
Ten Hill Place Hotel+44 (0)131 662 2080 10 Hill Place, EH8 9DS www.tenhillplace.comIndependent 4 star hotel owned by the Royal College of Surgeons. 15 minutes from Shul.Discount on nearby carparkSwipe card
KM Hotel + Apartments+44 (0)131 651 2189 5 - 9 Richmond Place, EH8 9ST opened hotel and apartments owned by University of Edinburgh.Discount on nearby car park Swipe card
The Scott+44 (0) 131 651 2189 18 Holyrood Park Rd EH16 5AY opened hotel in 18th century baronial mansion owned by University of Edinburgh. Very near Shul.YesKey*
The Scholar+44 (0) 131 651 2189 18 Holyrood Park Road EH16 5AY refurbished hotel on Pollock Halls campus owned by University of Edinburgh. Very near Shul. YesSwipe card
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This list (last updated July 2024) is not comprehensive but is provided to help visitors identify properties within easy walking distance of the Synagogue. The listing of a property does not necessarily constitute a recommendation; responsibility for choice of accommodation rests with the visitor and not with EHC. We have not visited these properties in person since before the pandemic however we have been in touch with many of them by phone. Please do check for up to date information with accommodation providers when booking. Feedback on these and any other properties is welcomed.

Most rooms have en-suite facilities (except where stated). Please note that prices can rise considerably during the Edinburgh International Festival in August. 

* The Scott hotel has keys for room entry however they have security doors which have electronic sensors; please check with them, they are keen to help. Those properties with swipe – card entry might be able to arrange for a member of staff to assist on Shabbat; again please check