Shabbat Hospitality

We look forward to having you spend Shabbat with us in our Community.

The Community endeavours to provide hospitality for Shabbat meals for our many visitors.

The Rabbi will be delighted to host meals for you either in his home (a short walk from the synagogue) or in the community centre at the synagogue.

If you wish to book meals for Shabbat please fill in the visitors’ form as soon as possible, and no later than 12 noon on the Sunday before Shabbat and the Rabbi will reply to you. Please note that regrettably we are unable to offer Shabbat hospitality on 28 and 29 June 2024.

If you have not heard back within 48 hours please do also contact our admin team.

We do greatly appreciate a donation to EHC – donations should be made using the PayPal facility below.

For meals in the community centre we would respectfully ask for a minimum donation of £30 per person per meal or £50 per person for a combined package of Friday night dinner and Shabbat lunch.

When using the PayPal link please do add some text so we know who you are and the date of your visit!

If you wish to eat in your own accommodation we can also offer you a “take away” Friday night meal for two people consisting of:

  • One small bottle of grape juice
  • Two mini challot
  • One humous/aubergine
  • Two chopped fried fish or salmon cutlets
  • Two chicken/vegetable soup
  • Two Ready Meals: Sweet and Sour Chicken/Meatballs/Salmon/Shepherds Pie 
  • Two portions of Chocolate Brownie
  • The Ready Meals will need an oven to be heated (though microwave containers may be available), the soup comes in a microwavable container.
  • The Ready Meals normally include rice or potatoes and a vegetable.
  • The package will include cutlery.
  • The packages can be picked up at the synagogue on Thursday afternoon or Friday morning or in exceptional circumstances arrangements can be made for delivery.

The price is £50. A similar meal for one is £30.

These should be ordered in advance to ensure we have the quantity required.

Please contact the Rabbi to order.

Here are some suggestions for things to do on a Shabbat afternoon. The National Museum of Scotland is about 20 minutes walk from the synagogue and is open till 5pm and has free entry, likewise the Scottish National Gallery. The Holyrood Distillery which opened in 2019 is very near the synagogue and offers a Whisky and Gin Tour or a Whisky Tour with Tasting. These can be booked in advance online and guests can just quote their name on arrival with no need to handle tickets. Book through their website or by emailing 

Please use the PayPal link to the left to make your payment or to give a donation. You don’t need an account to use it – just a credit / debit card.