Service Times

We do very much welcome visitors to our services however we no longer publicise service times on the website.

If you have not attended our services before and would like to join us for Shabbat or Yom Tov please fill in the Visitors’ form and we will advise you of service times. 

Service FAQs

What is the form of your services?

Our services are Orthodox and our “minhag” is Ashkenazi and very similar to that of the United Synagogue in England, however we welcome Jewish visitors of any denomination and level of observance. Men and women sit separately. Our Shabbat morning service usually starts at “Nishmat”.

Are you part of a larger organisation?

We are an independent community, however we take guidance from the Chief Rabbi of the Commonwealth, Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis.

Which prayer books do you use?

We generally use the new (2023) edition of the Sacks revision of the Singer’s prayer book and the Soncino or Hertz Chumash, however we also have some copies of the ArtScroll siddur.

Do you offer visitors an “aliyah”?

Yes very much so, however if you would prefer not to receive one then please do just say so.

Are any aspects of your service unique to Scotland?

Listen out for the prayer for the Royal Family – we use their Scottish titles. And you just might hear “Adon Olam” sung to the tune of “Scotland the Brave”!

Do you have a kiddush on Shabbat morning?

YES! And visitors are most welcome. 

Any other questions?

Please contact us.