Community Welfare

Edinburgh Hebrew Congregation has a very active Welfare Group headed by the Welfare Convenor, Edward Green. It aims to reach out to anyone who may need support, including the provision of cooked meals and hospital visiting. During the pandemic, the Group provided regular telephone contact, food deliveries and a regular Welfare Bulletin giving information on events and entertainment that were on offer remotely from within Edinburgh and worldwide. The community has many members who live alone and the Welfare Group are very keen that they should feel part of the family that is the Edinburgh Hebrew Congregation and that the Group’s mantra that “no one should feel alone” is  fulfilled.

The Welfare Group now meets less frequently but is still very much active. If you would like more information or know of anyone who may need support please contact us.

Board of Guardians

Edinburgh also has a historical charity still in existence. The Edinburgh Jewish Board of Guardians was founded in the city in 1891 and is separate from Edinburgh Hebrew Congregation. Its sole purpose is to offer financial support to all Jewish people and organisations in Edinburgh, not restricted to members of the Congregation. Over many years, the Board of Guardians has distributed considerable funds and goods in kind to many deserving individuals and bodies, with an emphasis on strict confidentiality. Anyone who is aware of an individual in need of aid should in the first instance contact the admin team of Edinburgh Hebrew Congregation.